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5 Steps To Clean Your Car Rims

Jul. 14, 2021

5 Steps To Clean Your Car Rims

A set of shiny wheels can make an ordinary second-hand car look completely new. With just a little time and the right cleaning techniques, you can take your rims to a new level. We have car rim brush here. It is delicate and soft, can penetrate into fine places, deep clean, durable and not deformed.

Brake pad dust is a viscous substance. When you use brake pads, it will produce friction and is highly corrosive. If you stay on the metal rim for too long, it will cause permanent damage. This is why it is important to clean the rims regularly.

It is also smart to clean the rims and tires before other parts of your car, so as to prevent dust on the wheels from entering and damaging the painted surface of the car.

Let's start now. Before cleaning your rims and wheels, make sure you have the correct materials.

Essential materials: wheel cleaner and sponge

If there is no suitable cleaning agent, brake dust is difficult to remove. Choose a material specifically for your wheels. For example, rims made of rough cast aluminum and chromium can withstand stronger cleaners than those that are coated, painted, or anodized.

The correct brush or sponge is also important. Choose a natural sponge. Their softness and elasticity make it easier for you to wipe off debris and get into hard-to-reach places. Cotton and microfiber cloths are less effective against brake dust, and may even scratch your rims with fragments that are not completely washed.

Sponges can only be used to clean wheels and tires. Otherwise, you are in danger of brake dust sticking to the sponge and damaging the paint of the car.

car rim brush

car rim brush

Once you have the right materials, you can start cleaning.

Steps to clean rims and wheels

1. Wash your rims

First, spray some water on the frame to let the water seep into the frame and loosen the dirt. After a few minutes, spray with soap and water to further loosen the debris.

2. Use appropriate cleaners

Soak one rim at a time so that the cleaner will not dry on the wheels. Follow the product instructions for how long to leave the cleaner on. Choose a non-acidic wheel cleaner to help prevent any corrosion.

3. Carefully scrub your rims

Thoroughly scrub the rim with the wheel brush and wipe each spoke. You can use the same sponge on the tires, but as mentioned before; don't use it on the painted surface of your car.

4. Cleaning the wheel well

Dust and dirt tend to be drawn into the wheel well, so don't forget to give it a good scrub. Try to use a brush that is harder than the wheels and rims you use, as there will usually be more accumulation in the well.

5. Spray down the rim and wheel wells

Scrubbing may remove some loose dirt from the wheels, so don’t forget to clean it again. Spray each wheel to remove excess dirt, and repeat if necessary.

Carrying out the necessary daily maintenance will not only make your car look better, but it will also make it safer.

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