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Wheel Hub Brush: How To Clean Your Own Wheels At Home

Aug. 30, 2021

Wheel Hub Brush

Wheel Hub Brush

The importance of wheels is known to many car-loving drivers. Many car owners like to clean their wheels by themselves, so how to do it properly? To give you a few methods commonly used by most drivers.


Wheel Cleaner

Leave the professional to the professional tools. Using wheel cleaner to clean dirty wheels is undoubtedly a good method. It is cheap and still highly recommended.

Specific methods.

1. twist the nozzle in front of the wheel cleaner and spray it directly and evenly on the wheels.

2. take the wheel brush and scrub it to accelerate the decomposition of the stain, during which the purple liquid can be seen flowing down.

3. Rinse the wheels with water or a high-pressure water gun, and the wheels will look new instantly.



You know, the almighty toothpaste can brush anything white except teeth. But after cleaning 4 wheels, a tube of toothpaste will be at the bottom.

Specific methods.

1. first put on disposable gloves

2. rinse the wheels with water first

3. Wipe the toothpaste onto the wheels and brush them with a wheel brush. Wait 1 minute, then clean with a water gun.


Kitchen foam cleaner

Special cleaning agent for heavy oil stains, such as the common Mr. Mighty can be used to clean the wheels.

Specific methods.

1. first put on disposable gloves

2. rinse the wheels with water first

3. spray Mr. Mighty to the wheel, wait 1 minute, clean with a water gun, you can also directly take a towel to wipe, the effect is general.



Like tires, wheels are also a fairly important part of the car. It not only supports the weight of the car, but also withstands different forces, such as the torque when accelerating, the torque when braking, the lateral force when turning, and the impact brought by the uneven road surface.

At the same time, the wheel is also responsible for the function of heat dissipation, that is to say, the heat generated by rolling tires and the heat generated by the friction of the brake system are required to dissipate heat through the wheel hub.

Some drivers also use toilet bowl cleaner, but it is very corrosive. It is not recommended to take toilet bowl cleaner to clean the wheels.

Finally, we remind you not to clean the wheel hub when the temperature is too high. You should let it cool naturally before cleaning it, otherwise it will damage the wheels. And when cleaning the wheel hub, don't use too hard brush, choose a softer wheel hub brush to avoid damaging the surface of the wheel hub. HEBEI TAISIAN RUBBER AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD. provides the best wheel hub brush for car, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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