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Looking for the ideal auto detailing brushes wholesaler & manufacturer & supplier?

ANE have a leading car washing brush manufacturer and a circulation car wash brush factory in China. We are equipped with brushes for almost every part of the vehicle.

We provide all kinds of auto detailing brushes wholesale for global distributors and agents. Whether you are selling in stores, auto parts centers or others, our auto detailing brushes will be your best choice.

We believe in products with specific components because we believe that this will target areas that require the most effective cleaning. all of our auto detailing brushes are made of the highest commercial grade materials, and we provide quality assurance for all auto detailing brushes.

When maintaining the vehicle,  using the correct auto detailing brushes is the key, and having a variety of auto detailing brushes allows you to clean and maintain the entire vehicle perfectly. in the thorough detail processing of the vehicle, various details are required, such as internal details, external details, engine details and even spruce. our car beauty brush will help you enter every corner of the vehicle from ac vents, wheel wells and deep engine parts.

We can provide you with the following Auto Detailing Brushes Wholesale:

Long Handle Brush, small and compact, usually used to clean the dirt in the wheels of cars. Durable, not easily deformed and thoroughly cleaned.

Brush Without Trace Details, the bristles are delicate and soft, will not hurt the car, and can quickly clean the air outlet, instrument panel and interior.

Double-headed Detail Brush,  the bristles are soft and delicate, with a double-headed design.

Crevice Brush,  small size, light weight, soft brush, can effectively clear many gaps that are not easy to see. It can also be used for home, car washing, office cleaning, etc.

A/C Outlet Brush,  the appearance is small and light, and it is used to clean the air outlet of the air conditioner and the dead corner that is difficult to clean. it can be thoroughly cleaned.

Car Rim Brush,  delicate and soft, can penetrate into small places, deeply clean, durable and not deformed.

Horse Bristle Brush,  small size, light weight, can clean small gaps, can also be used in homes and car washes.

Wheel Hub Brush,  it is suitable for the cleaning of automobile wheels, which is durable, more effective and more convenient for cleaning.

Blue Hair Detail Brush,  it is used to clean the gap of the air outlet of the car, thoroughly clean, dry and wet, and the soft material will not hurt the car.

Tire Cleaning Brush,  used for tire cleaning, deep cleaning without dead ends. Not easy to deform.

Tire Waxing Brush,  used for tyre waxing, interior cleaning and waxing, convenient and quick, and improve work efficiency

Interior Cleaning Brush,  used for car interior cleaning, deep cleaning without dead corners, flexible and convenient, without deformation.

Detail Brushes,  various types of detailed brushes can be cleaned in different places to make cleaning easier.

These auto detailing brushes wholesale prices are pretty good.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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